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    Advantages of working with us

    Simple working conditions.

    Agreement with guarantees.

    Flexible payment system.

    70/30, 60/40, 50/50 per stage.

    Constant feedback.

    In communication channels convenient for you.

    Reporting by stages of work.

    See the result in real time.

    Training to work with the site, tech. support.

    Post-launch consultations and recommendations.

    Individual design and development.

    Clean and optimized code, responsive design for your target audience.

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    Web-studio DeveloperAdvise: traditions of website development
    in Ukraine and all over the world

    Web studio DeveloperAdvise is engaged in professional turnkey website development. We provide website development services of varying complexity and Website SEO:

    • from development landing-pages
    • website business cards
    • corporate websites
    • to complex e-commerce website development
    • and educational platform

    Experience in the field of Digital Marketing for 7 years has given us satisfied clients in creating websites in Ukraine and over the world. And services Website SEO - sites in many cities of our country, as well as Europe and America.

    When you are going to order a website development in Kiev, Ivano-Frankovsk, feel free to choose the DeveloperAdvise web studio. One of the main qualities that sets us apart from other studios and ordinary freelancers is the use of a bunch of up-to-date technologies and fresh development trends.

    Why choose us

    The best result is achieved not only by choosing popular tools, for example: creating a website on the CMS WordPress. An important role is played by the ability to individually select the best solution for each project and each business.

    Let's say you want to order a sushi and pizza delivery website. Based on your wishes, our developer sees how to implement a product catalog and a choice of pizza sizes. With automatic price change on the fly, of course. Our marketer will tell you that inside the product card you need to use the zoom when hovering over the photo. So that without even opening each picture separately, the user can see the smallest details and want to quickly place an order.

    In addition, our specialists will perform SEO optimization of the site and add content to the site. Thanks to seo-optimized content, users will not only be able to read comprehensive information about your main products and services. The best part is organic traffic from search engines. This will provide transitions to content pages and perform targeted actions even without setting up contextual advertising.

    Above described only a small part of our workflows. This article is not about how search engine algorithms work and how to design a website to sell. Here is just a small description of how some people are ready to help other people create a good product and put their soul into it.

    Order website development. Who needs it?

    Most people now spend a significant portion of their daily routine online. According to statistics, for the most part these are young people from 16 to 35 years old. But the line is gradually blurring, and for people of any age (and all generations) the presence of all business on the network is already the norm.

    Therefore, in almost all areas of activity, we see the following. On the one hand: a potential client who can and wants to find a service (or goods) and use it. Because it is convenient. On the other hand: entrepreneurs and just content creators who can meet demand and at the same time start making money on the Internet.

    By using your own website, you can clearly present your company and highlight all the main advantages over the competition. Ordering a website means taking care of the face of your company, which will help to attract the target audience. The owner will only have to focus on further development and gaining the trust of their users. This can be done simply: provide quality services, offer the best products, and publish really useful content. By regularly performing these actions, you will gain loyalty from your audience and be able to make money on the Internet. Or simply promote to the masses what you are interested in and what you want to share.

    Ordering a website development is an important decision for entrepreneurs of any kind.

    Benefits of website development

    Web studio DeveloperAdvise offers to order a website that will be more professional than posting information only on social networks. For many areas of activity, it is advisable to have a website that can be customized individually to suit your needs.

    For example: creating an online store on CMS WordPress. There are practically no restrictions when creating an individual project. Therefore, it will always be possible to develop the ideal solution specifically for your business. The main advantage is the ability to provide users with a convenient interface to interact with your product. Nothing extra.

    The customer can focus on choosing a product, place it in the shopping cart and place an order. Sometimes even the manager doesn't need to contact the client. And in turn, the owner is focused on his own development, adding products and improving the overall ecosystem. The result is time savings, increased trust and audience loyalty. And all this, not to mention the most obvious - the ability to work and attract people not only in one local physical point. But also throughout the country or even around the world.

    The benefits are clear, whether you're planning to create a simple personal blog or an educational platform for online learning.

    Website development: stages and terms

    First of all, you need to fill out the form on the website or contact us in another convenient way (for example: write a telegram in the messenger or call).

    When we have contacted and discussed your idea, you can start developing, which consists of 5 steps.

    First stage: project preparation

    Based on the wishes and vision of the client, you need to approve the type of site, conduct a research and analysis of competitors. Then choose a suitable concept and formulate a more specific and structured proposal for the client. Here we are trying to describe the main processes, to decide in which direction we will move in terms of creating a website design. Also, one of the most important tasks is to think over the structure and what functionality you need to add even before the start.

    Second stage: Writing technical specifications

    This proposal, if necessary, is adjusted together with the customer to 100% match the result with expectations. On this basis, a technical assignment is formed, in which the action plan must coincide with the goals of the customer.

    Website development is a painstaking process, so it is better to trust professionals with many years of experience. It is important to understand that creative design and beautiful design are not the most important component, much more important is the convenience of the pages, well-chosen search queries.

    Stage three: Layout creation

    There is a choice: to carry out work on a separately drawn design layout or immediately provide the customer with a “live” result that can be “felt” and, if necessary, make changes. Just as if it were a drawn design. This way saves time and a good portion of the cost of the job. The choice depends on the wishes of the client, the available budget and the desired time frame for the project.

    Fourth stage: Website design and programming

    At this stage, we are working on all the pages of the site: from the layout of the basic structure to the integration of the main functionality. In each project, as a rule, we use responsive design and optimize the display on mobile devices. Be sure to pay great attention to page load speed and basic internal SEO optimization. Thus, immediately after launch, the project can be easily promoted in search engines and further engaged in SEO.

    The final result must correspond to the technical specification, be 100% pleasant to the client and be convenient for the end user.

    Fifth stage: Completing the website development

    At the last stage, the site is filled with the first content. This can be test content or some information provided by the customer. If a client is interested in immediately ordering a SEO website promotion, then our specialists can immediately proceed to professional filling with SEO-optimized content and products.

    It all depends on the needs of the client and the task at hand, so further actions after the completion of the main work to website development may differ. Nevertheless, there is one invariable fact - after the completion of the project, we continue to test the result for any errors for another three months. And at this time, in parallel, we provide support to the project. We answer any questions, help administer the site and understand the work of the administrative panel of the selected engine.